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10+ RV Kitchen Accessories – You Need These

RV Kitchen Accessories

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RVs allow you to take your life out on the road in a completely comfortable and exciting new way. These amazing vehicles are an excellent companion when it comes to driving long distances or even spending some time living on the road in a comfortable way. Since RVs are equipped with a wide range of amenities and perks that make life on the road easy, the next challenge is to find the right ways to accessorize it. If you plan on truly spending time staying in an RV for any duration, you will probably need the right RV kitchen accessories so that you can enjoy living in comfort. That is why we brought together this fun list of top ten+ kitchen accessories for you!

RV Kitchen Accessories

1) Amazon Basics Small Microwave

A microwave is a crucial tool when it comes to RV life because it is the easiest way to make food with minimum prep. This adorable microwave is the perfect size for fitting on a counter in your RV, which is why it is one of our top RV kitchen accessories. As an added bonus, if you are running a hotspot on your RV, this microwave is Alexa compatible!

2) Collapsible Measuring Cups and Spoons

If you want to make food on the go, chances are you will need to measure out ingredients at one point or another. Though your RV kitchen might have it all, we’re guessing it doesn’t have a ton of storage space. That is what makes these collapsible utensils such an obvious win for the RV chef!

3) Collapsible Strainers

Whether you are making pasta, or you just want to wash off some fresh fruit for the road, a strainer is a kitchen must-have. These collapsible strainers make it easy for you to handle all of your straining needs, and like the measuring cups and spoons, they take up virtually no space at all!

4) Six-Piece Silverware Set with Case

This amazingly cheap silverware set provides you with the perfect set of utensils for two people. If you need more, you can easily buy more, and since they come with convenient storage pouches, it is easy to put them all away after the dishes are done.

5) SUNAVO Hot Plate

Your RV might not have room for a full stove-top, but with this easy to use hot plate, you will hardly notice. We love RV kitchen accessories that make cooking on the go easy, and this one takes the cake. This hot plate comes with six different levels of heat and is perfect for making every meal of the day. You can enjoy a homecooked meal on the road with a small device that can easily be put away after it has cooled. As an added bonus, this hot plate is available at a ridiculously affordable price!

6) Cooluli Mini Fridge

This Cooluli extra-small mini fridge is perfect for your RV because of its uniquely tiny design. You can easily use it to store drinks, food, or anything else that needs to be kept cool on the road. Its small design makes it perfect for a small counter space, and it even comes in four colors. Not only is this refrigerator a great deal, it also has a unique skill: keeping things warm. That’s right, this fridge offers a warming option to preserve food, and more. This versatile device has a special spot on our list of RV kitchen accessories.

7) Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

If there is one kitchen accessory that you absolutely must have to accompany your hot plate, it is a cast iron skillet. This skillet from Lodge will allow you to cook a wide variety of meals on the road, and as an added bonus it comes at a cheap price. While you can certainly buy a full set of pots and pans for your RV, that can take up a ton of storage space, which is generally not preferred. Skillets are great because they are deep enough to make meals that most people rely on pots for.

8) Brita Water Filter

When you are on the road in your RV, it is important to always have filtered water available for drinking and cooking. This Brita water filter fits easily on any counter and can provide you with delicious filtered water in no time at all. Each filter lasts a good couple of months, making it ideal for any of your longer trips!

9) AmazonBasics Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is a kitchen must-have that makes meal and drink prep a total breeze. This small, portable AmazonBasics kettle is exactly what you need to have hot water in no time at all. It is perfect for making tea, instant coffee, or even pasta. Simply fill it up with water, press the button, and soon you are good to go. It is perfect for long drives in cold weather!

10) Four Person Dinnerware Set

When it comes to eating in an RV, you most likely won’t want to take your fine china. Since roads can be unpredictable, having a simple dish set that won’t break when dropped is incredibly important. This dish set, which was originally designed for camping, provides cups, plates, bowls, and silverware for four people. This dinnerware is made of plastic, so they are completely road safe. And they also come with a convenient carrying pouch for easy storage when they are not in use.

11) Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

After that great meal comes the cleanup. Invariably there are more dishes to clean than there is drying rack space. This collapsible rack saves space when it is not needed but pops right up when it is needed. It has separate areas for silverware, utensils, and other gadgets for more organized drying. Its compact and portable and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. Also, it is BPA free.


As you travel on the open road, you will find yourself absolutely thrilled with your fully functional mobile kitchen if you purchase these items. The right RV kitchen accessories can bring so much convenience to your life on the road. So start with your priorities and build your collection as needed. You will love how much they improve your experience during all of your camping adventures!

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