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Camper Trailer – 8 Models Under $10,000

Camper Trailer

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Are you looking for a budget-friendly RV (aka camper trailer) that also provides great value for your money? You should seriously consider camper trailers. Most of them don’t cost more than $10,000 and can help you fulfill your dreams of living on the road or simply enjoying the outdoors on weekends. Keep reading to learn more about 8 affordable camper trailers.

  1. Coachman Clipper Camper Trailer

The Coachman Clipper happens to be a huge hit among seasoned and beginner RV enthusiasts alike with several of its models costing less than $10,000. The trailer has a weight of 2500 lbs. and can be towed by any midsize SUV. The trailer also provides storage capacity both under the seating areas and overhead as well.

  1. Dutchmen Aspen Trail 1700BH Camper Trailer

This camper trailer can accommodate up to 5 people between the fold-down dinette, bunk bed & camper’s queen bed. While the Aspen Trail 1700BH is not as big or luxurious as other models from Dutchmen, it does have air conditioner and interior LED lights as standard equipment.

  1. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G12RK

This model has a built-in gas griddle and a sleek design that is rarely found in camper trailers that cost below $12,000. It also comes with Bluetooth compatible speakers, overhead bedroom cabinets with extra storage and a built-in television.

  1. Hiker Trailers Extreme Off Road Deluxe

This model is a luxury offering from Hiker Trailers and starts at around $8,000 for the 4’ x 8’ model. The Extreme Off Road Deluxe is also highly customizable and comes with 2 windows, manual roof vents and a storage rack in the front. There are a number of other options such as an awning and an optional shower as well.

  1. BCT Moab Fort

This camper trailer will be ideal for those with an adventurous spirit. It has a huge carrying capacity estimated at around 38.2 cubic feet. It can hold most any kind of gear you need to take with you on your trip. It can also support a rooftop tent for 2-5 people. This trailer starts start at around $8,500. Upgrade to the Summit package and get a 2 burner stove, portable shower and a Propane tankless hot water heater among other amenities.

  1. The American Dream Camper Trailer

RV enthusiasts who want to customize a vintage, teardrop style camper trailer should look at The American Dream. Depending on your preferences, it is possible to customize a unit that won’t wreck your finances. This cute, retro-looking trailer has a 4’ x 8’ frame. The trailer’s roof is a removable rowboat and the exterior also has paddle handles and a huge secondary roof that has storage facilities as well.

  1. MORV Explore Camper Trailer

This is a durable, lightweight, and rugged trailer from Manley, inspired by the iconic Military M416 trailer. Its features include a fully removable aluminum lid, a rooftop tent & spare tire. The trailer costs around $8,000 and is an incredibly budget-friendly option that can serve all your needs well.

  1. Jayco Jay Flight SLX Camper Trailer

The Jay Flight SLX is a very versatile family RV.  It has a nice feature-list despite being on the affordable side. It has pleated window shades, a fully integrated A-frame, a furnace by Atwood and an 8,000 BTU sized air conditioner. Some of the standard features you get are typically in higher-priced RVs. There are many different floor plans available. A model out of this family of camper trailers would be a good choice indeed!

In Conclusion

The mere fact that you have a limited budget does not mean you cannot afford a high-quality camper trailer. All 8 of these models meet the basic needs and come with highly affordable options.

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