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How to Choose an Affordable RV Top 10 Bang-for-Your-Buck RVs

Affordable Rv

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Like with all purchases, when it comes to choosing and buying an RV, there is no doubt that you want to get the best value for money. This means that you will not only choose an affordable RV, but you will also look at what that affordability offers you.

There are some amenities that you are probably willing to spend a bit more on just because they mean that much to you. The idea is to tie all that into the overall price and find the most bang-for-your-buck RV for you.

How to Choose an Affordable RV

If you are a first-timer, you will most likely be bombarded with a world of options when trying to buy an RV. To make matters even worse (or more exciting, depending on how you look at it), every major RV manufacturer has a ton of add-ons on offer.

These optional purchases allow you to customize your RV according to your specific taste – but they cost money. It is natural to get a little overwhelmed and even confused sometimes.

For that reason, here are some of the most helpful tips on how to choose an affordable RV:

  • What type of RVing do you intend to do? Boondocking or simply staying in RV parks across the county?
  • Make a list of all the important must-have amenities in your RV.
  • How many people do you intend to have in the RV?
  • Make a list of at least 3-5 trusted RV manufacturers.

Once you have all this figured out, approach these manufacturers with your desires and see which one will give you the best offer for the closest match to what you want.

Another alternative is to frequent RV forums sites to see if those avid RVers are willing to sell you one of their campers or if there is a trusted RV resale website, you can try to get affordable second-hand motorhomes that you can customize yourself.

The Best Bang-for-Your-Buck RVs

To get you started on your way, here are 10 of the most bang-for-your-buck RVs today:

1. Jayco 2019 Embark 37MB (Class A)

The Jayco 2019 Embark 37MB is an outstanding RV for those who aren’t afraid to spend a little bit more on a Class A motorhome. Big enough to host six people, this RV has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 32,000 lbs. Fully equipped with ceramic tiles, a luxurious bathroom, and a bedroom big enough for a King bed. Of course, it comes with all the bells and whistles synonymous with Class A motorhomes.

2. Newmar Bay Star Sport (Class A)

The Newmar Bay Star Sport is an excellent Class A RV that does an amazing job of combining most of the luxurious tenets of a Class A motorhome with the affordability of a Class B or C camper. Designed to impress, this vehicle has a standard LED TV, a DVD player, and three available Wi-Fi options for your comfort. It’s big enough for a mid-sized family to enjoy.

3. Coachmen 2018 Crossfit 22D (Class B)

Coachmen is a trusted brand in the industry, and the Coachmen 2018 Crossfit 22D is an excellent Class B RV. The interior design alone is impressive. The vehicle even has a sliding screen door to help you let the fresh air in and keep the insects out. The vehicle has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 10,360 lbs., a 200-watt roof solar panel, and runs on a 275 HP, 3.7L V6 engine that gives you 260 lbs./ft. of torque.

4. Leisure Travel Vans Serenity (Class B)

This Leisure Travel Vans Serenity is a Class B van that has that classic RV look but with a little something extra as far as luxury is concerned. It has a fiberglass body that sits on a Mercedes-Sprinter Cab chassis, so you know it features excellent engineering. It comes with a ceramic toilet and a fiberglass shower that makes it one of the most hygienic campers out there. It’s a small yet roomy 24’6″ long camper.

5. Coachmen 2019 Crossfit 22C (Class B)

Yet another entry from Coachmen, this Coachmen 2019 Crossfit 22C, is a simple yet elegant camper. With a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 10,360 lbs. and an exterior length of 22′ 2″, this is the perfect RV for couples who want to leisurely and affordably explore the countryside. It has a maple-colored interior, ample storage space, a kitchen, and a medium-sized sink. While small, it is tastefully designed with enough room for the two of you.

6. Winnebago Navion 2018 24D (Class C)

The Winnebago Navion 2018 24D sits on a Mercedes Sprinter Chassis and a 3.0L turbo-diesel engine that gives you plenty of power. Designed to sleep 2 people comfortably, this camper has a tastefully designed kitchen, an automatic Murphy bed (queen-size), and a couch. It is cozy and has all the right amenities to make your stay on the road comfortable.

7. Lazy Daze (Class C)

The Lazy Daze comes from the trusted California based company, and although you might have to head to California for it, it’s well worth it. Sitting on a Ford-450 chassis. Because they are built in-house, you can discuss the kind of customizations you want in your Lazy Daze RV, which makes it one of the most personal campers on this list.

8. Winnebago Spirit 2019 22M (Class C)

When you see the brand Winnebago, you know you are going to get a good RV. The Winnebago Spirit 2019 22M is a gorgeous Class C camper that comes with three slide outs for extra sleeping room. It also has a patio awning, vinyl flooring, and enough overhead storage space for most of your adventure gear. It’s a 24’5″ long camper that can sleep up to 5 people.

9. Gulf Stream Coach Conquest (Class C)

With over 15 different floor plans to choose from, this Gulf Stream Coach Conquest is one of the most versatile RVs in the market today. Designed for comfort, this manufacturer gives you as much latitude as possible to pick the RV that is just right for your needs at a great price.

10. Jayco Flight 2019 29RKS (Towable Trailer)

If you want a towable trailer that gives you great value for money, then you should really consider the Jayco Flight 2019 29RKS. It has a wonderful rear kitchen, a dual entry bath, two chairs, and a queen mattress. With a Gross Weight of 9,500 lbs. and a Hitch Weight of 800 lbs., this towable trailer is designed to provide at least you and three family members with a comfortable trip across the country.

There are also custom-built options available (these can prove very cost-effective as well). However, if you are looking for an affordable RV, any of the above-mentioned options will give you a camper that offers you the greatest bang-for-your-buck.

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to win a
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