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RV Solar Panels – Everything You Need to Know

RV Solar Panels

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In today’s day and age, you simply can’t do without electricity while touring the country and visiting exciting places in an RV. An RV provides a number of choices for accessing electricity, from on-site electricity to personal wind turbines to a portable generator. However, people are increasingly choosing to go for solar energy using RV solar panels. Solar energy is freely available and, depending on where your RV is parked, plentiful. Setting up solar panels for your RV is a relatively hassle-free experience as well. Let’s take a look at whether you should go solar too.

The answer is somewhat complicated. While there are some benefits that come with utilizing solar, it’s not the be all and end all. Yes, to recharge your batteries, all you need is a sunny day. Your biggest expense will be the cost of the panels. Additionally, solar power doesn’t pollute the environment in any way. However, solar power is not necessarily an efficient energy source – average-sized solar panels are capable of charging only approximately 25 amps/ hour. This may not be ideal if you’re looking to operate a number of appliances in your RV since you’ll run out of electricity before you know it. It is suitable for RV users who are looking to power only their most essential appliances and devices.

As a simple backup power source you can’t beat solar. It can help you immensely if your plan is to camp in an area for a while since it’s possible to just place the panels in the sunlight and let them work. Additionally, it’s free – you can’t beat that now can you?

What Do RV Solar Panels Do?

RV solar panels provide a source of energy for your appliances and electronics. They utilize light energy from the sun to charge batteries which can then be stored for later use.

What Equipment Is Required?

To begin with RV solar panels for absorbing light are certainly required. You will also need an inverter that can convert solar energy into usable, electric energy. After converting this energy, you can store it in a battery as well. It’s recommended that you have multiple batteries with you, which will allow you to swap a discharged battery for a fully charged one.

You can also add a generator to this rig. It can be used on days when there’s not much sunlight and your electric batteries are close to empty. However, some people manage without this as well. It is all dependent on your electricity consumption habits.

How Much Power Does Your RV Need?

You need to be aware of this before purchasing any equipment. If your solar panel is too small, you will not be capable of powering all your electronics and appliances. But if the panel is too large you will be generating a lot of excess energy that will go completely unused. Measure how much electricity you need and purchase a rig accordingly.

You’ll have to first learn more about your power usage for determining the right solar panel that fits your needs. You can do this by checking how long your existing battery is capable of running. Divide this figure by the total number of days. For instance, if your consumption was 200 amp hours over 4 days, you’ll require 50 amp hours per day. A normal 100w solar panel is capable of delivering up to 30 amp hours a day. Purchasing two of them would suit your needs perfectly.

In Conclusion

RV solar panels are an efficient solution for your electrical energy needs and are great as an alternative or backup power source. But before you make a purchase, measure how much energy you’re going to need and make a decision based on this figure.

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