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The 9 Best RV Apps – You Should Look Into These

RV Apps

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The life of a recreational vehicle (RV) owner is the ultimate for great adventures and, thanks to the latest technology, apps can actually make life a whole lot easier while on the road.  Below is a group of must-have RV apps that you should look into before your next big trip.

The CoPilot GPS

This is an excellent app that you should take into consideration. You have the choice of a free version or the paid, premium version that comes with live traffic updates.  The CoPilot GPS features offline maps and great navigational features including route planning which will come in very handy when traveling in areas that have poor cellphone reception.

About Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers is another excellent app that is offered as a free version or a paid premium version.  The Free version will let you build your own route with 7 different waypoints.  The premium version will let you play around with 150 different waypoints as well as letting you download offline maps. Premium also gives you the option to collaborate on road trips with friends.

About Gas Buddy

Let’s face it,  RVs are not known for good fuel mileage so Gas Buddy is an excellent app to help you out.  You will be able to see all the gas stations within a given area and compare pricing so you can choose the best deal.  While on a road trip that can give you great peace of mind as the cost of fuel can quickly add up.

About RV Parky

Not only is this RB Park directory an excellent app, but it is so very helpful.  It was built by a full-time RV owner and has everything you could possibly need for your next big trip.  You can easily map out rest stops, travel centers, campgrounds, and stores that are RV-friendly such as Walmart and Cabelas. This incredible app will also send you a warning if you are heading toward a low-lying bridge so you can find an alternate route to get around the bridge.

The REI National Parks Guide

This guide is a must-have for everyone interested in national parks. Whether you are heading for Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, the Great Smoky Mountains, etc.   You will get detailed information for each park, hiking trails, kayaking, backpacking, etc, and you can even create your own list of favorite parks.  This app is truly the RV owner’s best option as it’s loaded with so many useful features for your next great adventure! Check out our review of the Blue Ridge Parkway and its app if you are headed that way (Smoky Mountains, etc).

The AccuWeather App

No trip should get underway without the AccuWeather app.  You can quickly find out if a storm is heading your way.  This excellent app will let you set alarms in case a severe storm is in your area and give you time to make preparations.

The Offline Survival Manual App

This incredible app is a must for those trips that end up in a bad situation.  It will teach you how to build a fire, set up a shelter, find food, and collect water.  You will learn how to tell the difference between edible and poisonous plants and how to tend to an unforeseen wound. This app is loaded with so much valuable information to address any situation that could arise during your trip. This free app is well-worth downloading, even if you just want to learn how to build a campfire!

The Allstays Truck & Travel App

This is an excellent companion in the group of RV apps that and works on both Android or iOS. You can easily map out different stops along your route including the location of ATM machines and travel centers. It has advanced filters: Only want a certain brand with parking, showers, ATM, truck wash and a Wendys? Filter for it! You can also activate its step-by-step navigation for added assistance.

Sanidumps Dump Station Locator App

This is a very handy app to help you locate places to dump your sanitation tank.  The premium version will let you save up to 20 dump stations as well as get directions to the next dump area.  It’s also an excellent choice for offline if you are in an area that has really bad reception. You will never have a problem navigating to your dump station.

I hope this review of our favorite RV apps will help you before you head out on your next RV pursuit!

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